Newsroom Café



120 N. Robertson Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA90048

(310) 652-4444










— Healthy Options That Taste Good _"The food is great and the healthy options are everywhere. Can't go wrong ordering from the sandwich menu -- the veggie burger and the turkey sando are good. The chinese chicken soup -- not salad -- is really good. And the juice/coffee bar is great. You'll definitely enjoy it."


— This is the perfect place to take a break after shopping around the area. They have different kinds of hot and cold drinks and healthy organic dishes. They have a great selection of magazines that you can read while you are resting here."


— This is a lively and attractive spot just east of Beverly Hills. If you're into trendy health food, this is the cafe to visit. Indoor and outdoor seating, with street parking as well as validated discount parking in the garage beneath.


— Good healthy food, nice ambience good people watching. I particularly reccommend the ahi tuna burger and the umbria omelet. Excellent location near shopping on robertson blvd and close to beverly center.


— Robertson in Bev Hills. Great, creative, tasty healthy food.